About indie images

Indie Images is a duo of photographers based in Toronto, Canada, providing premium artistic imagery for stock agencies, graphic designers, publishers, music labels and advertising agencies.

Their work is represented by AllCanadaPhotos, Arcangel, AGE Fotostock, Alamy, and Overflight stock agencies.

Images are available for licensing on the Rights Managed basis.

A significant share of the images in the collection is exclusive to indie images. If you would require exclusivity, please inquire: mail@indie-images.ca

  • non-stocky
  • authentic
  • candid
  • alternative
  • moody
  • spontaneous
  • earthy
  • vivid
  • muted
  • experimental
  • cool
  • nostalgic
  • non-staged
  • artsy
  • eerie
  • blurred
  • conceptual
  • adventurous
  • atmospheric
  • grungy
  • uncanny
  • dream-like
  • evocative